Our Services

Family Wealth Services

At Acacia Wealth Advisors, we offer a full suite of services to help clients preserve their legacies, grow their wealth and accomplish their long-term financial goals.

Holisitic Wealth Management

We address multiple facets of wealth management and investing, including:
• Personal strategic planning
• Cash flow planning
• Investment portfolio structure and performance reporting
• Tax planning
• Retirement planning
• Risk management 
• Philanthropic giving strategies
• Succession and wealth transfer planning, including lifetime gifting
• Liquidity and debt management
• Coordination with other advisors (CPAs, bookkeepers, attorneys, insurance agents, etc.)

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Coordination of Invested Assets

We focus on clients' balance sheet in its entirety, not just the managed investment portfolio. Our focus includes:
• Closely held businesses
• Concentrated stock
• Legacy accounts
• Real estate
• Significant collections

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Custom Investment Strategy

We work with clients to develop personalized investment strategies based on individual needs, preferences, goals and values. Our process includes:
• Understanding clients’ specific situation and needs
• Risk profiling – establishing the level of investment risk a client is willing to assume
• Target asset allocation – reflecting clients' investment strategy, desired rate of return and liquidity requirements
• Investment policy statement development – providing specific guidelines for investing client's money 
• Money manager and mutual fund searches – objective evaluation of managers and funds against client's criteria
• Tax-aware implementation – focusing on maximizing the after-tax return on clients’ investments

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Provide Meaningful Investment Information

We help clients make informed decisions by providing:
• Account data aggregation across multiple custodian platforms
• Portfolio Benchmarking
• Money manager monitoring and evaluation
• Portfolio performance reporting
• Portfolio rebalancing– realigning clients’ portfolios with target asset allocation strategy on a regular basis

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Our Specialty Niche

Acacia Wealth Advisors specializes in serving individuals preparing for a liquidity event, partial sale, or IPO, as well as entrepreneurs with “new wealth” and families in transition.
We strive to deepen relationships with the business owners and their advisors, as well as help clients maximize their transaction value.
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Wealth Management for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Our team helps business owners and entrepreneurs grow their wealth and plan for their businesses’ future through consultation, personalized investment solutions and long-term planning. Our services include:

• Investment consulting
• Portfolio and asset allocation strategy
• Risk mitigation analysis 
• Portfolio construction and management

• Exit/business planning
• Business valuation and growth consultation
• Philanthropic consulting & legacy planning
• Budgeting
• Tax planning
• Estate & wealth transfer (trust & wills)
• Introductions to a trusted advisory network for mortgage/real estate, accounting & legal needs
• Financial & retirement planning - cash flow reporting/maximizing the pension
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