Investment Approach

At Axiom, we buy businesses, not stocks. We employ a value-oriented, contrarian and opportunistic investment approach that seeks to identify value and help minimize risk by using rigorous and diligent research, often among out-of-favor companies or industry sectors.  
We focus on fundamentals and absolute value, and seek long-term success in both rising and stagnant or declining markets. We determine and implement investment and reinvestment decisions on behalf of our clients via equity and fixed income portfolios, primarily through the use of individual securities.
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While we are part of the macroeconomic world, our investment decisions are grounded in valuations and not trying to mimic a particular index which has no concern for valuations.  
Our philosophy and disciplined approach provides us with a set of rules to help us manage the instincts of fear and greed. We seek to understand why we made an investment, and to sell it when our reason to buy no longer exists.
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