Investment Management

Our Customized Approach

Leonetti & Associates, LLC focuses on helping you achieve investment returns consistent with your objectives and risk tolerance level. Our fee-only investment services may use both in-house portfolio managers and outside investment company products, depending on your individual needs. We build your portfolio using strategic asset allocation, and adjust your exposure to different asset classes based on market conditions and changes in your life situation.

To customize your portfolio, we…

Define Your Goals

We work with you to crystalize your long-term objectives, needs and goals to construct an allocation strategy designed to help you realize the financial future you envision.

Establish Your Risk Profile

Our team utilizes a sophisticated risk profile tool to help assess your risk tolerance. We integrate custom risk management strategies to align your portfolio allocation with your investing time horizon, goals and objectives.

Combine Equity and Fixed Income

We build equity allocations by choosing various asset classes and sub-classes, including U.S. domestic equities of various capitalization size and style, international holdings, and alternative investments.

The portion of the portfolio that will be invested in equities is constructed using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. This approach is used to help identify the state of the markets, measuring the strength of the economy and the individual holdings that will comprise the portfolio.

We build fixed-income allocations by reviewing various economic factors such as interest rates, economic expectations and inflation, and then select investments from a variety of categories, such as TIPS, government bonds, corporate bonds, municipals, international holdings and high-yield investment vehicles.

The fixed-income portion of portfolios is built with a view of safety and stability. Individual corporate bonds are selected based upon business models that indicate historical and continued stability, significant market capitalization, sufficient cash flow generation, and manageable debt turnover requirements.

Review Progress

We review your portfolio and monitor your investments on an ongoing basis. We adjust, rebalance and reallocate your portfolio as necessary to help you stay on track to reach your long-term goals.