Secure Future Solution®

Secure Future Solution®

Our Secure Future Solution® is a three-step process to help you take control of your financial destiny and improve the quality of your life. You will have a team of trusted financial advisors overseeing the process in conjunction with a customized investment management program guided by a detailed financial analysis system.

The Workshop

The Planning Sessions

The Progress Sessions

The Workshop

 - Assess your current situation
 - Map your goals
 - Identify roadblocks to fulfilling your vision

The Planning Sessions

- Devise strategies to help overcome roadblocks
- Review and analyze your data
- Design your plan
- Build your team of trusted advisors
- Establish your first action steps

The Progress Sessions

 - Implement your plan
 - Review your progress annually
 - Refine your plan as needed
 - Develop further action steps


We take pride in our ability to construct financial plans with solutions that address our clients’ individual goals and objectives.  Whether you have complex needs or require special attention in just one or two areas, our services are designed to help you meet your objectives. Our services include:

Investment Management

Our team takes a collaborative approach to developing custom asset allocation strategies and portfolios that are designed to coordinate with each client’s risk tolerance, time horizon and investment objectives. 

Financial Independence Analysis

Our approach is designed to help you answer the question: Do I have a life plan that addresses my current and future financial objectives and allows me to measure progress towards them?


Estate Planning

We work with our clients to identify their estate planning concerns and objectives. We share observations relative to their current estate plan, estate transfer strategies, estate planning documents (wills, trusts and healthcare powers), and appropriateness of beneficiary designations/account titling, to help ensure that everything is coordinated with the estate plan. We work with the client’s attorney or recommend an attorney, if needed.

Insurance Planning

Our approach is designed to help you answer the question: Do I need insurance, and if so, what kind of insurance? While we do not sell insurance products, we work with our clients and their advisors to determine their insurance needs, including: disability, life, annuities, long-term care, estate tax reduction utilizing second-to-die insurance, excess liability, property and casualty, key-man, etc.

Tax Planning

Our team focuses on the client’s specific tax issues (income tax, estate tax, charitable gifting, etc.) and creates tax-efficient solutions.  

Income Generation Planning

We work with clients to develop tax-efficient income strategies that help fulfill their current income needs while supporting their projected cash flow requirements.

Financial Planning

Our approach is designed to help you answer the question: Is my financial situation in good shape, and is there anything that I am missing? We work with clients to develop custom, goals-based financial planning strategies that focus on retirement, income tax, estate, insurance, employee benefits, education planning, business succession, investment allocation, and other individual life goals and objectives.