About Us

The Lerner Group represents over 150 years of combined wealth management experience and has a profound understanding of the financial and economic landscape. We focus on your individual goals, guiding you towards prudent, long-term investment strategies to preserve and enhance your wealth.

We serve a wide range of clients including high net worth individuals, foundations, profit sharing plans, and pension plans. Our team manages portfolios with an academic, disciplined approach, developed by Dr. Lerner over the past 40 years. As portfolio managers, we act as thoughtful stewards of your wealth, capitalizing on opportunities in the market while minimizing risk.

Our Commitment to You

At The Lerner Group, we believe that wealth is the embodiment of your hard work, experiences, values and passions. Our clients entrust us with more than assets, which is why our team is dedicated to protecting and enhancing all areas of your financial life.

We are committed to creating a holistic, integrated wealth management experience with a thorough focus on your current needs and long-term goals. Our consistent, sophisticated approach to wealth management and financial advice is the byproduct of decades of industry experience. We believe that part of our duty to clients is to enrich their financial lives by educating and inspiring informed conversations about the future.

At The Lerner Group, we’ve been growing our family for over 40 years. With a mindset towards personalized service, deep industry experience and client education, we pride ourselves on the depth of our client relationships. From career changes and retirement, to weddings and new additions to the family, we’re humbled to celebrate and support our clients throughout major life events.

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Our Fiduciary Commitment

A fiduciary is any investment professional or financial advisor who is required by law and practice to act solely in the interests of and with undivided loyalty to their clients. A fiduciary’s advice and recommendations must align with your specific objectives, time-frame, and risk tolerance.

Those who have earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® Designation are formally recognized for demonstrating a full understanding of how to implement fiduciary processes to help individuals and families achieve their investment goals in a responsible and accountable manner.

As fiduciaries, The Lerner Group has a legal obligation to avoid conflicts of interest and act with an undivided loyalty in the best interests of our clients. We are committed to upholding our fiduciary responsibilities and practices while focusing on the financial objectives, values and legacies our clients wish to fulfill. Our practices are held to the industry’s highest standards. 

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Our Monthly Letter

We have been writing monthly letters to better service our clients for over a decade. In doing so, we aim to keep our clients up-to-date with market trends, as well as our current mindset on investment decisions. The link below has previous monthly letters for your convenience. 

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