Financial Concierge Services

Financial Concierge Services

Our multidisciplinary team works with high-net-worth individuals, families, and C-suite executives to create wealth management and financial planning strategies that help enable you to devote more attention to your family, business and favorite causes. We are committed to enriching our clients' lives and helping them achieve their long-term financial goals and financial independence.

Investment Solutions

·      Portfolio Management

·      Defined Benefit | Contribution

·      Alternative Investments

·      Stock Option/Restricted Stock

·      Real Estate

·      M&A

·      College Funding

Estate & Transfer Planning

·   Estate Overview

·   Tax minimization

·   Charitable Gifting

·   Beneficiary Designations

·   Trust Services

·   Life Insurance Consulting

Retirement Planning

·   Cash Flow Planning

·   Withdrawal Strategy

·   Social Security Analysis

·   Medicare Evaluation

Asset & Accounting Services

·      Asset aggregation & Research Tools

·      Balance Sheet Preparation

·      Budgeting & Spending

·      Cash Flow Monitoring | Reporting

Business & Family Planning

·      Cash Management

·      Investment Banking

·      Business Succession/Asset Sale

·      Key Man/Buy Sell Insurance

Risk Management

·      Life Insurance

·      Long-Term Care Insurance

·      Disability Insurance