Trusted in the pursuit of excellence

At Wisehaupt Bray Asset Management, we pride ourselves on being your trusted advisor—the one you turn to with every important financial question, and the advisor who knows and understands your preferences, aspirations and fears. Like a loyal friend and confidant, you can rely on us to help you through difficult times, celebrate accomplishments and encourage you in the pursuit of the future you envision.

Whether you seek to plan for the next phase in life, pursue your lifelong dreams or secure your family’s future, we are here to support you along your path to success with trustworthy guidance and genuine compassion, every step of the way.

Delivering an unobstructed view

Imagine a business built on the premise that delivering straight-forward financial advice is the right thing to do. We believe that trust is essential for success, which is why we put your interests first in every situation, every time. At Wisehaupt Bray, our experienced financial professionals put their minds and business capital to work for you to help you build the future that you envision and deserve.

Clients We Serve

The Income Life Model

In 20 minutes learn how to turn savings into lifetime, inflation-adjusted income.