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HighTower Westchester Visits Feeding Westchester


As a team, HighTower Westchester decided to support Feeding Westchester because we believe in its mission and goal to end hunger in Westchester County.  We recently volunteered to pack meals for elementary school-aged children who receive “Backpack Meals” at school on Fridays to ensure they have enough food to eat over the weekend.  Just the thought of that reality in our own backyard was sobering.  But that’s just one example of the work Feeding Westchester does.  Feeding Westchester serves over 200,000 people each year.  They supply 95 percent of all food distributed annually across the region’s food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and daycare and residential programs – delivering over 9.3 million pounds of food and 7.8 million meals to people in 2018.  Food is a basic need that everyone should have access to and HighTower Westchester is so proud to be part of the solution to end hunger in our county.

Here are some reflections from our team members about our experience at Feeding Westchester:

Roman Ciosek

Having the HighTower Westchester family take part in packing food for Feeding Westchester emphasizes the importance of giving back to our local community. Looking forward to making this a meaningful part of our mission.

Richard Flahive

My wife and I left Feeding Westchester on Thursday feeling both happy and encouraged. This county is beyond lucky to have such a wonderful and impactful organization aiding those in need. We will be back!

Ronni Gussin

As a mom of three, at every turn I’m trying to teach my kids the importance of kindness, compassion, and appreciation.  My 9 and 11-year old kids came with me to our team’s volunteer session and they both walked away not only more aware of other children’s realities but also feeling good about giving back to their community and helping to provide food to kids their age. For me, giving back is always an emotional experience as it’s a gentle reminder of how many people are in need of help. But it also makes me happy as I feel like I’m doing my part as a member of my community.  Feeding Westchester is such an incredible organization and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help them achieve their mission.

Peter Lang

Every time I go to a place like Feeding Westchester I am struck by how many of our neighbors do not have enough to eat. It does not matter if they are 9 or 90. We live in the most prosperous country in one of the most affluent parts of our country and yet 20% of our neighbors are food insecure, as in they don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. It’s wonderful that Feeding Westchester is a resource to so many, but sad that it has to exist at all.

Deirdre Pino

Volunteering at Feeding Westchester was truly an enlightening experience.  Having grown up in the area, I had often heard of Feeding Westchester but never realized the impact they have on our community.   Packing food for kids with my team who may not otherwise be able to eat over the weekend was very rewarding.  Can’t wait until we do this again!

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