Our Process

Our 4-step process empowers us to follow each client's needs, determine an objective-focused course of action, supervise plan implementation, and monitor results.






Using a team approach we will present to you a comprehensive plan that addresses:

·Diversified allocation on all assets
·Your income and cash flow needs
·Asset protection
·Retirement planning
·Wealth transfer

While keeping in mind your personal financial information including liabilities. We will assess risks and identify potential threats to your financial health.


We will create a structured road map to your financial success.

·Paying close attention to how the various parts of your plan affect, enhance and integrate with one another.
·We provide our advice on issues we have identified, such as family-dynamics, estate planning, lending, tax planning and more.
·The Financial Plan we create specifically for you will be a combination of defining the following: roles and responsibilities, investment goals and objectives, investment guidelines, portfolio review and evaluation guidelines, communication guidelines.

We are your Financial CFO where we will build and coordinate relationships with your spheres of influence such as CPA's, Attorneys and other important advisors. Whatever approach we decide on, we will help your investment plan stay on track.