All the Nevada News That’s Fit to Link

A huge grant goes to N NV, stunning Burning Man photos, education lawsuits, Cox cash, and the Gov in Politico.
The U.S. Department of Labor has awarded $2.9M to the Northern Nevada College Apprenticeship Consortium.
The Northern Nevada employers who have signed on as sponsors of the apprenticeship program.
Owners of land near Area 51 are ready to cut the Air Force a deal.


 Photo source:

Attribution:  Tim1337 on Wikimedia Commons 

The annual round up of Burning Man pics from The Atlantic.
Is a high-end office complex going up near Las Vegas City Hall?
Another headline about national politics and Sheldon Adelson’s money.
Another lawsuit over Nevada’s new private Education Savings Accounts.
Las Vegas made the list of least religious cities in the U.S. is the new place to go for news on the local tech community.


 Uber wants to conquer the world, but these companies are fighting back.
Pitch a new business idea on October 1 and win cash from Cox.
A great one-slide overview of the Nevada mining industry.
Today’s AAA National Average Fuel Price + Nevada Average Fuel Prices over the past year. (At least we’re not paying $4.26 like we were in 2008…)
Governor Sandoval has been named one of The Politico 50.

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