Amazing U.S. Stats, Graphs and Maps

U.S. tax revenue, vehicle sales stats, hate groups, hurricanes, houses, colleges, and more. This week’s links are worth a glance.
The federal government is bringing in more tax revenue than ever. Click to find out where it’s coming from compared to past decades.
A wonderfully creative insider’s map of NYC.
U.S. vehicle sales are as strong as they’ve been in nine years.


Where does our electric energy come from?
Great images of the three hurricanes that hit the Pacific last week.
Businesses owned by women, minorities, lag in revenue via Pew.
What do Americans really want when it comes to illegal immigration?
Five facts about America’s K-12 students.
Can a new gadget stop teens from texting while driving?
If they survive texting and driving, where should they go to college?


Mortgage applications drop. Again. Meanwhile the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage went up.
How much house can America’s middle class afford? Charts galore.
Warren Buffett is lukewarm on the U.S. economy.
U.S. economic stats at a glance.
Where do you fall?


heat map/hate map of the 784 hate groups designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Atlantic’s always-worthy photos of the week.

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