Preview 2018

Last Friday, Team Stat Pack presented 66 riveting slides to attendees at the Las Vegas Metro Chamber’s Preview event. They provided an economic snapshot for Southern Nevada, the U.S. and the planet at large. We have received many requests for the slide show, so here it is in all its glory: the 2018 Preview slides.
Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 11.18.07 AM

Our Preview 2017 Presentation

Billed by the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce as “the Freakonomics of Las Vegas,” the Stat Pack team this week presented a top-down 2017 economic overview at Preview Las Vegas, the biggest gathering of Nevada business professionals each year.
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If you have any questions about the slide show or the Nevada economy, don’t hesitate to contact Stat Pack co-publishers Mike PeQueen, partner and director with HighTower Las Vegas, and John Restrepo, principal economist at RCG Economics.

Across America

A history of inflation since 1775.
Consumer credit default rates are up.
What keeps the leaders of the biggest tech companies awake at night?
Our fastest growing job sectors:

Source: Statista

A sobering look at the U.S. from a respected investment strategist.
Where is student loan debt heaviest across the U.S?
Tips on commercial real estate investing in 2016.
America’s middle class is shrinking. So who’s leaving it?
A primer on the Gig Economy.
How many people have been shot in your neighborhood this year?
Baby boomers as human progress witnesses.
Did you know the U.S. has the most powerful cyber arsenal in the world?
Cuban immigration is increasing due to thawing relations:
Pew also looked at the burdens vs. the blessings of immigration.

From Sea to Shining Sea

Income and cost of living by state, from the same folks who brought you the debt stats by state. is out with a new credit card debt report. It’s not good.
Housing Wire’s take on interest rates and the real estate market in 2016.
Here’s why interest rates should start to go up:
Tuesday’s employment report from ADP:
More oil industry layoffs are on deck in Texas, though.
The 100 best websites for entrepreneurs.
Which apps are eating bandwidth in North America’s ‘net?

Source: Statista

Got speed traps?
This year, millennials surpassed baby boomers as the largest share of the U.S.’s voting-age population. Bloomberg has a slew of stats.
Bill McBride of the great Calculated Risk blog bravely takes a look at his 2012 predictions and says the future is still bright.
Median household income by county:


Source: U.S. Census Bureau

30 websites that will make you smarter.
America’s gun stats explained:
civilian guns

Source:  Business Insider

Another perspective:


The Christmas light revolution:

Source:  Statista

Losing Faith

American’s are losing faith in the job market:

faithA look at hourly wages during the last four business cycles (click to enlarge the graph):


Spending slowed in the early part of Q4. Here’s why.
It’s also because Americans are – what a concept! – saving more money.


The two things Americans spent more on last year. Where all the money went, by state:
Which companies have the most on the line re: holiday spending?
What you should know about the highway bill.
The life expectancy gap in the U.S.


The U.S. is the number one destination for rich Chinese immigrants.

We Love Us Some Car Loans

Car loans reach $1 trillion for the first time. (Note:  About $9 billion of those loans are 60 or more days past due.)
If the U.S. economy were a car on a highway, it would be cruising in the middle lane.
The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.2% in October on a seasonally adjusted basis. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 0.2% (before seasonal adjustment). The energy index, which declined 4.7% in September, rose 0.3% in October.
Excellent news on the national mortgage market
A panel of real estate experts says real estate market fundamentals are strong.
Analysts at the National Association of Realtors annual convention say the housing sector will be a positive contributor to the U.S. economy in 2016.
Personal income grew in 2014 in 2,662 counties, fell in 438, and was unchanged in 13, according to estimates released this week by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). On average, personal income rose 4.6% in 2014 in the metropolitan portion of the United States and rose 3.2% in the nonmetropolitan portion. Here’s the BEA’s growth map:

Personal income

Oh dear


[VIDEO]  The closest any of us will ever get to flying as a Blue Angel.

What’s Up?

The October employment report came in above expectations:


Job stats by recent president:


Whew! U.S. economy hasn’t gone off the rails.
10 charts supporting the theory that the economy is actually being underestimated.
Our big output centers:


Meanwhile, King Dollar keeps on roaring. Is it nearing the top?
HighTower’s always thoughtful Adam Thurgood had the pleasure of discussing the Fed in MoneyLife this week.
A big year for mergers and acquisitions:


Some facts on America’s veteran population:
20 million

Source:  Statista

A story and data on states looking at taxing by the mile, not the gallon. Pew chart:
gas revenue
This survey will surprise no one who has tried to order online and pick up in-store.
The Motley Fool on what the average American’s budget looks like.
Interesting map showing which global economies are equivalent to different U.S. states:

global economies

Preliminary housing forecast round-up from Calculated Risk.
The 20 hottest housing markets right now.
Slide Show: Eight Generational Wealth Trends in the U.S.
The Bond market:

Ten Things Americans Steal Most and Other Appalling U.S. Headlines

Ten brands that will disappear in 2016.
Ten things Americans steal most.
October marketfest:


The boom in $100 million homes in Los Angeles.
Another boom. This one in higher education bureaucrats.
When will the fun begin?


Source: ???

Elon Musk says owning a car in the future will be a sentimental decision.
U.S. manufacturing weakness persists but worst may be over.
How a ‘third wave’ of Silicon Valley leaders is building the future.
Which MBA is best?


Should Southwest be worried part II?
Here’s where the U.S. sent $35 billion in aid last year.


Got entrepreneurs?

Start it


The U.S. corporate tax rate is uncompetitive:


A U.S. consumer confidence index falls.
Fed Survey: Banks report stronger demand for CRE loans
Mortgage standards are not loosening for the refi market.


Amazon to open a brick and mortar store.
How much does each state contribute to the U.S. economy?


Small business borrowing is up.
What auto maker performance tells us about the U.S. economy.
Birthplace stats for immigration (2013):


It’s a Hippopotamus Market

Got jobs?


Forget bull or bear. We’re in a hippopotamus market.
The eye-scanning ATM is here.
America’s economic boom, crash, and epic comeback – in 128 maps.
16 luxurious train trips that will make you swear off cars.
Got a smart home?
smart home


Which NFL teams are you stuck watching every Sunday due to broadcast deals?
Women of the world, unite!
weekly pay
U.S. new home sales fall sharply in September.
Freddie Mac Launches “Three Percent Down” Mortgages To Lure Millennials.
Homeownership rates by region:


How to evaluate the economic records of governors who want to be president.
How bacon and red meat joined the 478 other things that give you cancer.
Where do we get our oil?

oil imports

Taxing the Cloud.
Some say Yellen, a consensus-builder, needs to send a strong signal.
The average gun owner now owns 8 guns, double what it once was:
gun owners
Wal-Mart looks for U.S. approval to test drones for home delivery, pickup.
Here are America’s biggest corporate donors to Republicans and Democrats.
Who’ll be hiring this holiday season?
holiday hiring