How Not to Get the Plague

Valuable tips on how not to get the plague.
plague map
Source: CDC
If speaking fees are any indication, Bill and Hill give good talk.
What Hillary invests in.
The Small Business Optimism Index (yes, that’s a thing) is up.
U.S. births were also up last year.
Unemployment rate by level of education from the crack team at Calculated Risk:
jobless by unemp
You may want to put your start-up energy exploration company on hold.
Learn about the new concept of green bonds, here.
Almost half of Americans are at risk from earthquakes.
Medicaid spending per person from PEW. Graph:
medicaid spend
And the strictest speeding enforcement award goes to
The demographics of where men and women live, by age, and how that relates to income data.
A sobering but worthwhile read on social segregation and the concentration of poverty.

The Latest, Greatest U.S. Links, Maps and Graphs

This one is worth watching closely. The state of the big four recession indicators.
fascinating map of every job in America.
U.S. GDP by state (click on map to enlarge):

 US GDP by state

A true, and very interesting, picture of population density.
The U.S. budget deficit nears 7-year low:

US budg def

U.S. manufacturing costs are almost as low as China’s, and that’s a very big deal.
Which states offer the biggest bang for your buck?
Health insurance is big business:

fives a crowd

Where is America failing its youth?
Americans are on the move again.

A state-by-state breakdown of economic growth.

A few charts that explain everything about America’s love affair with coffee.
10 U.S. cities where you need to be a millionaire to retire.
Flight simulators aren’t doing well:

vid game genres

Why extroverts earn more than introverts.
America’s top 20 power tables:  where business tycoons wine and dine.
Most-searched for employer by job-seekers using Google (source: UPS wins!

 job seekers chart

States still in the most economic distress.
America’s top states for business.
No surprises here:

 wlthiest prvt univ

Electric cars, in parts of the country, can cause more pollution than gas cars.
Crash stats:

crash stats

That’s all, folks!
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