Fed Shies Away from Rate Hike, New Census Bureau Stats, North American Freight and Manufacturing Data, and More

The Fed has shied away from a rate hike, opting for the status quo.
Market reaction to the Fed’s decision in five charts.
U of M has released its August consumer surveys.
The U.S. Census Bureau has released its annual reports on income, poverty, and health insurance coverage.
Median household income (in 2014 dollars) since 1967:
And by ethnicity over the last 15 years:
Race and Ethnicity

Source:  CityLab at The Atlantic

A new 3-D model of the world offers Earth exploration via clicks.
You’re probably throwing away $1,500 in wasted food each year. Here are four tips for changing that.
Great data on North American freight volumes and expenditures.
Judgmental city maps by an Austin comedian. (NYC is our favorite.)
What started out as a TED talk by a precocious 18-year-old has turned into a now-being-built 62-mile long trash catching system in the Pacific Ocean.
Google Fiber (aka 1,000 megabits per second) is coming to three more cities. Vegas ain’t one of ‘em.
CityLab has mapped the difference between minimum wage and cost of living in every county in the U.S.
They’ve also mapped the hourly wage needed to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in every state:

Source:  CityLab at The Atlantic

The ten colleges where students owe the most money and other student loan debt stats.
A thought piece on how university adjuncts are paid.
Six great city Instagram accounts to follow.
ICYMI Jeb Bush wants to cap the mortgage interest deduction and eliminate the deduction for state and local real estate taxes.
Three hot trends in commercial real estate development.

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