How Not to Get the Plague

Valuable tips on how not to get the plague.
plague map
Source: CDC
If speaking fees are any indication, Bill and Hill give good talk.
What Hillary invests in.
The Small Business Optimism Index (yes, that’s a thing) is up.
U.S. births were also up last year.
Unemployment rate by level of education from the crack team at Calculated Risk:
jobless by unemp
You may want to put your start-up energy exploration company on hold.
Learn about the new concept of green bonds, here.
Almost half of Americans are at risk from earthquakes.
Medicaid spending per person from PEW. Graph:
medicaid spend
And the strictest speeding enforcement award goes to
The demographics of where men and women live, by age, and how that relates to income data.
A sobering but worthwhile read on social segregation and the concentration of poverty.

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