McCarran Rising, Stations Cash Flow… Flowing, Reno Growing

McCarran Airport growth projections.
Cash flow is up at Stations.
A solid op-ed on Reno getting the most from growth.
NOAA forecasts strongest El Nino on record this year. Drought impact?
These 11 states could be the next to legalize marijuana.
If you haven’t seen this fascinating video on the potential future for Cashman Field as a solar battery, you should. (Doesn’t hurt that it includes Stat Pack co-creator, John Restrepo.)
Is the Great Basin turning into a Cinder Bowl? A UNR ecologist thinks so.
General Wesley Clark at the Economic Club of Las Vegas on September 15.
It’s a bit dusty and windy at the third largest city in Nevada this week… Burning Man ! (video)
A cool tactile map of Burning Man.
Nevada is one of the biggest sources of cigarettes for smugglers.
About 5 million people have left California in the last decade. Where did they go? Many to Nevada:

Leaving Cali

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