Men Named Paul, Retail Sales Stats, Digging out of the Deficit

This week’s updates include a fun U.S. road trip map for finding perfect weather every day of the year, a surprising look at consumers and service spending, and a study on our confidence in privacy and security.
Current unemployment rates vs. recession max rates via Calculated Risk:

state unemployment rate

From City Lab, a 365-day road trip map for enjoying perfect weather every day:
road trip
Are Americans really consuming more services?
Is the rental market tight or not?
Housing starts are up significantly over last year:

housing starts

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac currently operate without any reserves. Some senators are worried.
Three U.S. economic specialists are optimistic despite jumpy markets.
The Urban Land Institute semiannual forecast and survey.
Do immigrants displace U.S.-born workers or not? Supporting charts:


native workers
A geophysicist sets the probability of a big L.A. earthquake in the next three years at 99.9%.
Doctors are writing prescriptions for… parks as the scientific evidence for the health benefits green spaces grows.
30 things Back to the Future II got right – and wrong.
Got confidence?

Reading in decline:

The deficit by the numbers:

digging out


The risk of terrorism:


Which kinds of retail sales are up because we are spending less on gasoline:
retail sales
Candy inflation.
Hedge funds are a man’s game.


Harvard finally tops the list.

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