Moving Walkways of the Future, a World Happiness Report, and China’s Mega-cities

This week’s planet-wide look-sees include a futuristic walkway design, a surprisingly detailed and data-rich happiness ranking of nations, and a story on the most important hominid discovery in history. Enjoy.
The Atlantic’s always great photos of the week.
ICYMI an amateur cave explorer and a South African geologist found a new hominid.
Future, here we come. A radical new concept in moving walkways.
A map showing the world’s top countries by refugee population:


Satellite imagery shows activity at one of North Korea’s plutonium production complexes.
Mexico was ranked HIGHER than the U.S. in recent World Happiness Report. (Caveat: North America as a whole is generally happy compared to the rest of the globe.)
The smoking ban in Macau casinos is giving a boost to Singapore gaming.
And China has 4 mega cities of over 10 million people, the most of any country:

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