Short Sales Stats, Financial Literacy Map, Gas Price Graphs

This week’s Nevada items of note include all of the above plus the biggest flops in Las Vegas history, the highest-earning independent restaurants, and a push to make medical tourism and wellness vacations to the mix.
Las Vegas and Reno top Calculated Risk’s chart of short sales stats:

Source:  Calculated Risk

Top ten independent restaurants in Vegas.
Fun Vegas food facts.
Gas prices are inching down:

Source:  AAA (numbers updated as of 10/22/15)

Tom Jones, Elvis and Sinatra considered building a Las Vegas hotel together.
The five biggest flops in Las Vegas’ history.
Bringing down the Riviera is a critical piece of a giant, complex development puzzle.
What will Sands earnings show?
Nevada earns a C for financial literacy efforts in high schools:

teaching money

The supply-demand equation for country music in Las Vegas is positive.
Construction industry icon leaves legacy in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas is betting big on health and wellness.

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