Stats on Papal Visits, Rising Health Insurance Deductibles, First Time Homebuyer Riskiness, Organic Food Sales, and More

An unsurprising trend:
The typical male U.S. worker earned less in 2014 than in 1973, measured in 2014 dollars.
Mississippi sells debt backed by gambling tax as their casinos falter.
An animated transition photo set showing Lake Powell from 1991 through 2015 plus other stunning Powell photos.
The past papal visit attendance stats are impressive.
Is Pope Francis a progressive?
Catholic population map:
The child poverty rate remains flat nationwide:

Source:  The Annie C. Casey Foundation

States with the largest declines and increases:
stat poverty

 Source:  The Annie C. Casey Foundation

Increasing health insurance deductibles are outpacing average wage increases. Like so:
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is out with a report comparing the Department of Commerce’s projections for federal receipts and expenditures (aka the sum total of the National Income and Product Accounts or NIPAs) with the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) baseline projections for the federal budget from 2015 through 2025. Conceptual and accounting method differences usually cause the NIPAs to be greater in revenues than the budget by about 5% and greater in expenditures by about 8%. The bottom line in this new CBO report? 1. Projected expenditures in the combined NIPAs exceed projected receipts by $9.4 trillion. 2. Deficits in the CBO’s baseline budget projections total $7.4 trillion.
In related news, the riskiness of first-time buyer mortgages rose again in August.
In a long form piece well worth your time, Wharton Knowledge tries to get inside the head(s) of the Fed.
Organic food sales are way, way up.
Resource alert! From the Dept. of the Treasury, daily real yield curve rates.

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