What’s Up?

The October employment report came in above expectations:


Job stats by recent president:


Whew! U.S. economy hasn’t gone off the rails.
10 charts supporting the theory that the economy is actually being underestimated.
Our big output centers:


Meanwhile, King Dollar keeps on roaring. Is it nearing the top?
HighTower’s always thoughtful Adam Thurgood had the pleasure of discussing the Fed in MoneyLife this week.
A big year for mergers and acquisitions:


Some facts on America’s veteran population:
20 million

Source:  Statista

A story and data on states looking at taxing by the mile, not the gallon. Pew chart:
gas revenue
This survey will surprise no one who has tried to order online and pick up in-store.
The Motley Fool on what the average American’s budget looks like.
Interesting map showing which global economies are equivalent to different U.S. states:

global economies

Preliminary housing forecast round-up from Calculated Risk.
The 20 hottest housing markets right now.
Slide Show: Eight Generational Wealth Trends in the U.S.
The Bond market:

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